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Housing Providers

Potential Immediate Partner: Are you a community-minded Affordable Housing Provider that would like to build some affordable housing and would like to participate in this project over the course of 2024? Are you interested in building and operating an affordable housing project and co-designing a master-planned community?

Potential Future Partner: Alternatively, are you interested in this process, are not ready to build anything yet, but would like to come along for the ride? Do you want to learn from this work and participate in potential future projects with us or others? 

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If you’re interested in supporting affordable housing development in the region, let’s have a chat! Our model solves a key problem that Affordable Housing Providers face in creating housing and enables a rapid payout to investors with interest. We’d love to discuss potential terms and have an exploratory conversation with you.

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Scaling Partners

Are you interested in replicating or expanding our solution either within the Region of Waterloo or beyond? Do you want to learn from our experience, shadow the process, or receive ongoing information about the project? 

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