About Us

Our Mission 

Lynx Development's mission is to help affordable housing providers build more homes. We do this by removing some of the most significant barriers facing affordable housing providers: access to construction-ready, affordable land.

Some of the major barriers to Affordable Housing providers creating affordable housing are: 

We realized that we could solve or mitigate all of these factors, bolstering the capacity of the affordable housing sector, unlocking hundreds of new units in the region, and ensuring long-term ownership and operation of housing through community-minded organizations. 

When building housing it is important to create mixed-use, mixed-income communities with access to critical services and amenities. By co-creating the community design and addressing the needs of future residents ahead of time Lynx and our Affordable Housing Partners create cohesive, inclusive, robust spaces that allow all residents to thrive. Integrating shared services and amenities allows our Affordable Housing Partners to find efficiencies and provide a net increase in service for lower cost.

Our Team  

The Lynx board has a diverse set of backgrounds and a wealth of experience in the industry. From planning, to research, to creating a housing cooperative, we have all approached the problems facing affordable housing from different directions and that is what enabled us to create such a robust solution. We will be expanding upon our current expertise through our collaborations with community partners in both the land development space as well as community needs, outreach, and operation of affordable housing.

Michelle Lee

President, Director [Planning]

Jonathan Chan 

Treasurer, Director [Accounting]

Sean Campbell 

Secretary, Director [Charity Executive]

Mark Seasons 

Director [Planning Policy]

Kirsten Wright 

Director [Research]